007 - How To Know When You’re Tires Are Worn Out?

How do you know when you’re tires are done?

A funny things happens as you become better a cornering and you start angulating a lot. You stop wearing a flat spot in the center of your tires and you start ripping the side knobs off.

For those of us that LOVE to lean the bike and shift our hips in turns and berms, the inside of the side knobs gets that ‘just chewed up’ look as you can see in the circles on both this front and rear tire.

This happens over the course of the season and as it gets worse your cornering feel goes from “I feel like I’m on rails” to “Dear Lord, please let this bike turn before that fast closing massive pine tree….please!!!!” “Sluggish turning” is another way to describe it.

On climbs, you’ll notice your wheel spins out more when you push down hard which is because the edges of the center and side lugs are rounded over as shown by the arrows. This also makes braking less effective and sketchy since the leading edges can’t bite into rocks and turf as easily.

Now, you don’t have to replace tires as often as our instructors do, but there is a factor of safety to consider, especially if you’re a rider inclined to go fast, ride up or down steep stuff, or you like to rip turns. Tires are ‘spensive, we know, but a fresh pair always adds enjoyment to your outings.
(You really can’t go wrong with Maxxis DHF + DHR, but there’s lotsa other goodness out there like the Goodyear Newtons and Escapes)

If you’ve done any of our cornering clinics, pay attention to the inside of the outside knobs and give them a twist to see if they still have some rigidity. If they bend over, time for some new rubber. Head down to a trusty LBS like Phat Moose Cycles Bike Shop, Kunstadt Sports or Full Cycle Ottawa and ask what they like.

Wanna learn how to rip off side knobs?
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Apr 16, 2023 8:11:55pm