Larose Forest

Place: P1-Foret Larose Forest (45.376030306744, -75.242400998818)
Address: 4500 Indian Creek Rd, Clarence-Rockland, ON
What About Larose?

We get lots of questions about trails and where to ride and many people have not yet visited our favorite, flowy, bike-specific trail system where there are corners galore. If you’re looking for some pedally-pedally trail goodness where you can angulate until your side knobs rip off, then this is the place. It’s also great for families, beginners, casual Fridays, and a favorite of Ottawa-Gatineau Dirt Roadies.

All the trails (well almost all) are machine built with a sandy base with excellent corners of all different sizes and a sprinkling of ups and downs with a few deep rollers and creek bridges mixed in. The surface starts out nice and firm in spring, then gets looose and sandy and then return to almost-hero-conditions from late August until the snow flies. Then much of it gets groomed for fatbiking! (Thanks Bicycle Jsl!)

You can just ride around casually, but our preferred method is to pedal hard between sets of corners, then angulate and rip the sequences of turns and berms. This is a bit easier once you get to know the trails and the funner way to ride out here. Read on for more about the network.

1. Riding Areas:
At Larose, there are 2 riding areas, P1 & P7 Limoges and P4 Bourget.

1A. P1 & P7 Limoges (Main Trailhead)
At Limoges, there are 2 parking areas and 2 loops, P1 north and P7 south. And there is a connector trail 17 between the 2 parking areas. We always Park at P1 where the toilets are. (And soon a visitor centre!).

Full Ride:
All of the trails total around 18km. Typically we start at P1 and ride out the connector 17 (funnest), then ride P7 first (slightly harder), then back on 17 and ride all of P1. The best parts of the network with tight corners, flow and pumping for us are 17 both ways, lower 6, upper 5 and 4. We typically pedal (sprint) between corners and then angulate and pump hard in the linked turns. This is the ultimate beauty of Larose.

Easier Ride:
Stick to P1. Warm up on the lollipop Practice Loop behind the shelter (stay right in the loop), then head out on the trails in the correct direction. There are 3 stacked loops so, you can go as long as you like.

(Clockwise loops, reverse depending on Covid direction)
For small kids start with Practice, then 1,2,3,9.
More 1,2,3,4,8,9.
Mid range 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9.
Full Loop 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. (Our 6 and 7 year old nieces do the Full Loop.)

1B. P4 Bourget (Best Kept Secret)
This is a newer and less used section with a different trailhead. It is another 10 minutes past the Limoges area.

These trails are a little less worn and have a touch more difficult flow. They are great! Not as good for little kids or pure beginner riders as it has more hills overall. It is a single loop with some second lines about 7km total. We ride it out and back, or do 2 loops when it’s one way to stack the km’s. Very similar to Limoges, a firmer surface, but more up and down terrain and a few things we won’t tell you about. (Discovery is part of the joy of riding trails). Make all left or right turns at the intersections to stick to the outside loop and then discover the second lines on your own.

Note that this trailhead is shared with hikers and dog walkers so be courteous and yield as per good trail etiquette. You won’t encounter many people after the first kilometer or so.

2. Trail Etiquette
First, to ride the trails the Landowners ask that you belong to an approved member group and that group is OMBA-AVMO. This group represents mtb interests and handles trail maintenance (thanks Denis & crew!) and insures you on the property. If you’re bringing friends to ride, that is no problem. They don’t need a trail pass and can join too if they plan on coming back for more. (Join here:

All dogs at Larose must be leashed at all times. Mush Larose dog teams use the trails in summer and winter and these dog picks pose a danger to your house pet if they feel threatened. Be smart and either leave your pooch at home or keep them leashed.

Currently all the trails at Larose are DIRECTIONAL (this is actually much better) so look for NO ENTRY signs to follow the correct directions. Note that it’s not the end of the world if someone mistakenly rides backwards so don’t get all high and mighty on other people. Just distance appropriately and pass and everyone will be ok. There are lots of new riders and people are not always familiar with the intended directions.

P7 & P4 are shared hiking trails and P1 trails are mtb specific, but they cross the equestrian trails in several areas. Biking is not permitted on the equestrian trails, which are also off limits in winter as they become Mush dog trails. The parking areas are shared so please practice good etiquette. Bikes yield to walkers and especially horses. If you encounter horses, stop, get off your bike and talk out loud to the horse and jockey so the animal doesn’t get spooked.

Also, you will sometimes meet enduro and ATV riders on cross trails and on the roads and parking areas; we like to yield to them and wave and be friendly in the spirit of sharing this great area. Larose is very unique in that so many different groups share the trails and it’s in our mtb interest to be friends with everyone.

On trail, mostly everyone is riding one-way. When you stop on the trail or at intersections, step to the side of the trail so you don’t block people riding through. Be aware of others overtaking you and watch for people when you are stopped. Slower riders should pull over to let faster people pass when they have a safe and clear spot to pull off the trails.

Faster riders DO NOT pass people on the singletrack, especially kids and beginners. Riding around other riders is unfriendly, scares less experienced riders, damages the trail and certifies you as a grade-A moron. And don’t ring your bell thinking someone is going to stop on your command. (If you try to pass Mike, he will crash you into the trees. He will.). If you’re too impatient to wait until slower riders can pull over for you, then don’t ride at Larose during busy times. (OK enough preaching...)

Lastly, In the fall certain trails are closed to allow for safe hunting in some areas. (Not on the bike trails.). Check the Larose Facebook page and read the trailhead signage when you ride. Please respect any trail closure for your own safety. These restrictions are only for a few weeks of the season and allow hunters to enjoy the area. Remember, be friends with everyone.

Most importantly at Larose, HAVE FUN!
See you out there.

3. More Info:
3A. Prescott & Russel:

3B. More about Larose from Ride Ottawa:
Aug 29, 2020 12:20:06pm

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