Southern Utah Day 1: Little Creek Mesa

Freeriding Slickrock

The day before today, we departed early from YOW and made our way to LAS and quickly picked a pickup and headed to our favorite home away from home.  Waking early-ish, we assembled bikes, texted our local superfriend, and headed out for a shakedown ride. 

Having been down to Hurricane, Utah many times, we are blessed with good knowledge of the area, but today was the day we had to ride with our pal Clayton Coleman and we decided to hit up Little Creek and warm up in the rocks.

This area is sort-of-not-really-official trail (for top secret reasons) and it a moonscape of unmarked slickrock with rolls and big open slabs and a top section of high-Mesa Scrub.
We spent the afternoon rolling and jumping and getting our legs in gear for the days ahead. We scoped out the secret petroglyphs and enjoyed the afternoon heat and then drove home past Gooseberry Mesa at golden hour. And recovery fried chicken. (As you do)
It’s fun to mix up the order of our classic 7 rides. And now we’re primed for the days ahead.

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