Southern Utah Day 4: Gooseberry Mesa 

Santa Clara Trails
Mike McGuire

Half an Angry Goose

Yesterday, Derek asked, “Why is this place called Hurricane?” Today began with an example of the namesake rain / hailstorm and 100mph winds.
Of course we have learned to read wether and were safely on the condo drinking coffee and waiting out le storm.
In the afternoon with low chances of rain we headed to Gooseberry Mesa in hopes of a full loop of the goods ending right around sunset.
Everything was great when we started and we even had sunshine guiding us. But then I’m the distance the clouds were angry and we decided to bail for the pickup and drive down before the roads became impassable. We still got 10km in though so not a busy ride.
Back at the condo we snacked and hot tubbed and regrouped for the next day. This late in the season weather is always a factor in the journey.
Here’s hoping for better tomorrow.

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