Southern Utah Day 6:  Gooseberry 2

Santa Clara Trails
Mike McGuire

The Blue Goose Rematch

With a half Goose in our pocket from the rain day, we headed back up the Mesa to get the goods. If there is one place to ride when you visit Hurricane, Utah, it’s Gooseberry Mesa.
High above the town the slickrock and desert scrub meld into a never ending symphony of step-ups and technical trail. The signature rock is dotted with paint to guide you, although the marks are getting a little lean in places.
We do a classic counter clockwise loop North to South with Yellow dot and Hidden Canyon crossing us over White road a few times and back to the upper parking tailgate spot.
Midway at the point feels like the top of the world to me. Maybe there is an unmarked Vortex here: maybe it’s just for me. When I die, you let the wind blow me away from up here, and I will become everything. (Yo sere todo)
Timing is everything in the desert. Driving out at the golden hour was breathtaking and possibly the most beautiful light I’ve ever seen on the entrance to Zion. The blue sky blended into darker night and the orange Sol lit the rock aflame. (Those are untouched photos)
Speechless as the sun dropped.

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