Southern Utah Day 7:  Homeward Bound

Santa Clara Trails
Mike McGuire

Exit via Zion

After our 6 rides we pack and leave gracefully from this paradise of sand and rock. But we needed to give Derek the full view of this temple of the world. So we drive up through Zion National Park. Just an hour and a half before the return.
Pictures can’t do this world justice. If you’ve been here before, then you experience memories of the power and beauty. The towering landscape of rock hewn by wind and water. And life tenaciously clinging to the thin soils.
Bringham Young, having travelled across the continent was so inspired by this landscape, he with 100,000 others built their religion just outside of here. “Zion is the pure in heart”. It’s easy to feel his motivation in this place.
As if not moved enough, not fully brought down to nature already, a hawk flies toward us as we sit on the terrace at the River Rock Roasting Company eating our lunch. Then she purposely circles in front of us, glancing goodbye.
Driving back towards Las Vegas we are backed up in road construction through Black Canyon. But even there the failing light paints the rock a piercing orange.
We drive to the airport, and drink away the impending sense of loss from leaving this place before packing into metal tubes and returning to the other world.
Paradise lost. (Until next time)
Timing is everything in the desert. Driving out at the golden hour was breathtaking and possibly the most beautiful light I’ve ever seen on the entrance to Zion. The blue sky blended into darker night and the orange Sol lit the rock aflame. (Those are untouched photos)
Speechless as the sun dropped.


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