2023 Sedona Winter MTB Trip


Arizona Day 1 - Cornville to Oak Creek

"I love the desert and its incomparable sense of space"

Escaping snowmageddon in Ottawa yesterday required an early departure amd faith in Air Canada, but we arrived stateside almost on time with gear. Following our standard travel plan we acquired our Dodge Ram 1500 and headed north to our secret HQ in and unknown coroner of northern Arizona rough country. Our shack is moderately appointed with spacious rooms suitable for bike assembly and relaxation. Our supply run was also successful without the normal Utah rigmarole required to purchase libations.

This morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and built bikes in anticipation of an afternoon ride with maybe some sunshine. Following a quick stop at the Bike and Bean for trail intel we headed out to loop the flows Llama and Slim Shady trails. Our briefing from Sandra Beaubien proved to be very accurate and we enjoyed some great speed trail flow pocked by punchy tech features and the occasional kicker.

The terrain is grandiose and rises around you everywhere while riding. Red rock extends across your senses and the dirt, packed and grumpy, sticks to your rubber and ocassionally shoots up your legs giving you more freckles anywhere you have exposed skin. A good first ride in a new place.

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