Southern Utah Day 5:  Zen & Church Rocks

Santa Clara Trails
Mike McGuire

The Sublime and the Spiritual

Golden sunshine and Bird Blue skies. Enough said.
Well maybe not enough said. Zen trail is quite sublime. Zen trail in beautiful weather is more sublime.
Word on the street is that home building is encroaching on this amazing trail. So far no damage. Zen is a challenging loop of split rock and slickrock and mesas and pushes your idea of amazing trial. We looked to the top and dropped into Mario’s world and returned to the truck in a trancelike state of trail bliss.
After a few lunch wraps we headed bac up the highway towards one of the most scenic trails in the region. Church Rocks lives up to the billing as a pious destination of open deserts and slickrock riding. Along the au we may have found a booger of notable size and did a few photo takes.
Traveling back with the sun behind us and long cast shadows was surreal as the temperature dropped and the evening set upon us.
Back at the truck we puffy-coated up and enjoyed the dying light. Maybe the mesas bend rhe rays or maybe the air bends the last light toward us, by we are always amazed at rhr final moments as the feat glowing orb drops behind the distant mountains into the other world.
God I love this place.

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